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Business Relocation - Logistics Modelling

Underpinning Better Decisions

Making the Business Relocation or Site Selection decision is not for the faint hearted! Bosses & Boards require a sturdy, comprehensive Business Case - Concept and Cost Justified – we aim to assist you to deliver one.

The Knowns

Many costs are obvious and will be directly comparable with those being currently incurred – your Overheads. Apparent too is the value proposition of the distinct site – facilities, locale, access, room for expansion, cost to build etc.

The Unknowns

The cost differential that is harder to discern are the Operating Costs – your Logistics Costs. Transport, Distribution and Supply Chain costs – Fuel, Wages, Proximity to your Market and your Suppliers. This is where Synergy Logistics can assist you with our Business Relocation Modelling service – it’s about geography and transport and your Supply Chain Network.

Why Synergy?

Over many years of experience we have consolidated expertise and built knowledge that enables us to complete this type of Complex Analysis, our goal is to make it easy for you and your business to understand. We assist you to select the type of analysis that is appropriate for your site selection decision – What-If Analysis, Gravity Modelling or Environmental / Service Appraisal.

We take a collaborative approach in determining which of your Logistics Costs will alter. We take the time to understand how your business works logistically speaking. Every business has a unique market (demand points) and vendors (supply points). We assist you to supply us with all of the relevant datasets to ensure that the solution you get is made using your ‘actual’ relative information.

The Process

Information Gathering from your Business and Scoping


Data Definition & Acquisition


Modelling the Data


Evaluation of Outcome


Presentation of the Findings


Delivery of your Business Relocation Advisory Report



Types of Analysis Services

Gravity Modelling

Don’t know where to start? We recommend carrying out indicative “Centre of Gravity Modelling” to provide an indicator of where or which direction your business should relocate. This can be done at a very early stage to assist you to know ‘where’ to begin looking for a site.

Key Inputs – No of KMs / No of Pallets / Tonnes : Supply points : Demand Points : % of Total Freight for each


What if Analysis

Need to know the impact on your costs +ve / -ve? In short, we model your freight flows today and what they would look like if you were operating from your selected site(s). This enables us to deliver a reliable, yet transparent view – the “What-If” Analysis

Key Inputs – No of KMs / No of Pallets / Tonnes : Supply points : Demand Points : % of Total Freight for each Lat / Long Coordinates of your site & potential site(s)


Environmental / Service Appraisal

A combined Qualitative and Quantitative model of tangibles and intangible components of both perceived service and environmental costs.

Environmental analysis consists of a ‘Comparative Carbon Footprint’ and environmental appropriateness of your business operation (the externalities in economic speak) both relative to today’s vs new site(s) operation.

Service analysis appraisal measures perceptions about your business’s capability to respond to unexpected market conditions – your service agility is relative to access and time to serve. Your customers have a view about your current service proposition – this will alter after relocation – the factors that affect this positively or negatively may be crucial to your relocation / site selection decision.

Key Inputs – Energy Use; Current and Future, Externalities of Business, Service Commitments today and Customer Service Survey


The Timelines

Timelines will vary with the size of your business or the complexity of your logistics network. Building the initial model and gaining, then validating your key data absorbs time. However, once that stage is achieved we can often commit to delivering your report with 20 working days. That is whether you are evaluating a Single Siteor Multi Site Options


The Output

Our output will consist of a presentation of our key findings and recommendations which is complemented by the delivery of your Business Relocation Logistics Report. The report will contain the detail, the methodology, the assumptions and the key variables and inputs that were used to deliver the outcome


The Benefits

We will ensure that you understand and therefore feel comfortable with the findings we deliver. You will then be confident incorporating this analysis in your relocation / Site Selection Business Case.

  • Confidence to make the right choice for your business
  • Making the right choice affects your bottom line today and into the future !


Package Options

Just to provide a feel for our packages –here are a couple of samplesin PDF Form - Package Examples Link

For your individual needs just contact us today and we can advise you of our estimate of what size and shape package suits your prospective challenge.

BusinessRelocations@synergylogistics.com.au or phone Lorraine Hall on 0419 303524

Business Relocation Modelling Brochure